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The vision of the PATHS-UP Engineering Research Center is to change the paradigm for the health of underserved populations by developing revolutionary and cost-effective technologies and systems at the point-of-care.

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April 2022 Publications May 24, 2022 - Our monthly PATHS-UP  publication list in April 2022.  Please read the abstracts below :A touch-based multimodal and cryptographic bio-human–machine interface | PNAS The awareness of the individuals’ biological status is critical for creating interactive environments. Accordingly, we devised a multimodal cryptographic bio-human–machine interface (CB-HMI), which seamlessly translates touch-based entries into… (read more...)
Wireless device to provide new options for colorectal cancer treatment May 16, 2022 - PATHS-UP Faculty Member Dr. Sung II Park and his research team were recently featured in a news article involved in the development of a wireless device offering treatment for colorectal cancer. For those diagnosed with colorectal cancer, surgery has been the only option that offers a solution. Unfortunately, surgery is… (read more...)
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